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Although I endeavoured to be as accurate as possible in every way with the information in this site, there is the possibility that there may be mistakes. It is your responsibility to make sure before you eat any unfamiliar plant that you research the information further for yourself. Also, people can be allergic to almost anything, and you don't know what you are allergic to until you find out by eating it. Therefore, only eat the smallest amount possible when trying any new food from any source. I want to stress, that eating anything is done at your own risk, and I hereby disclaim any and all legal responsibility for any harmful or unwanted effects that might arise from the eating, gathering or use of any plant in this book. Please read the Some Cautions section. I have used links to Wikipedia and other pages when giving the Latin names of plants and trees: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of these pages, as they can be updated at any time. I give them as a place to start further research, nothing more.

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Important Notes when Identifying
Some Cautions
Dangerous Plants to Avoid Touching