The Cedar Log Cabin

The Story of Living In & Restoring a Settler's Log Cabin

East wall before

East wall before.

East wall after

East wall after.

South East before3

South-East corner before.

South east after

South-East corner after.

North wall before

North wall & doorway to add-on before.

North wall after

North wall & doorway to add-on after.

Loft area before

West side loft area before.

Loft area after

West side loft area after.

North and East wall

North & East wall before.

North and East wall after.

North & East wall after.

North and West wall before.

West & North wall before.

living room from south east corner

West & North wall after. Photograph by Pamela J. Walsh.

SW before

South & West wall before.

screen door 3

South & West wall after.

front before

Front of cabin before purchasing.

front after

Front of cabin last winter before selling.


Me. This life has its own fashion sense.


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